Tackling nuisance

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BAD behaviour will not be tolerated in and around Morpeth, police have warned.

The alert follows a series of crackdowns on anti-social behaviour around the area in recent weeks.

Officers have carried out initiatives to tackle various problems reported in communities, including working alongside housing association Isos to stop the abuse of a vulnerable resident.

The man, who was living in a housing complex, was targeted by a couple who encouraged him to drink to excess and took financial advantage of him.

The couple were identified and it also came to light that they had been causing a nuisance in a quiet residential area.

Morpeth’s Neighbourhood Policing Team worked with the victim’s care worker and Isos to gather evidence against the offenders and an injunction was granted preventing the couple from entering the complex. They will be arrested if they breach the order.

Morpeth Inspector Dave Simpson said: “We take all reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and will fully investigate the circumstances and take the appropriate action.

“Anti-social behaviour affects people’s quality of life and can mean different things to different people, but we will always look to work with partners to solve these issues.”

In another incident, a village shop owner was complaining about anti-social behaviour in and around his premises.

Neighbourhood Beat Manager PC Paul Dent identified the three youths responsible and rebuked them in front of their parents. Two of the youths had been warned about their behaviour at the shop just two months earlier.

Insp Simpson said: “PC Dent has been working with Community Safety to address the behaviour of all three youths involved in the disorder, updating the shop owner with what has been done. He is very happy with the outcome and there have not been any further incidents reported at the shop since.”

Northumbria Police is currently running a Report It To Sort It anti-social behaviour campaign and Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird has praised the Morpeth team’s actions.

She said: “These are exactly the kind of anti-social behaviour problems people can face in their communities, which can severely affect their quality of life. It is positive to see police and partners working together to take strong action against those responsible. I hope it encourages more people to come forward and report anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhoods.”