Do you love your cat too much?

Cat behaviour experts are warning the UK's estimated nine million cat owners they are stressing their pets out — by loving them too much.

Vicky Halls, a specialist in cat behaviour, and author, says that we all love our cats but in this busy, technologically sophisticated world, we are forgetting what a cat really is and what its needs are.

"Cats are highly adaptable," Vicky says, "and have lived alongside us very successfully, but there is no doubt that most of the behavioural problems we are now seeing, such as indoor spraying and soiling, nervousness and aggression, are caused by the environment we put our cats into and our unrealistic expectations of them.

"Cats are by nature solitary and can't be expected to provide emotional support for lonely owners," she said.

The Feline Advisory Bureau — FAB — is seeking to shed light on cat behaviour by launching a book, 'Essential Cattitude – An insight into the feline world' to celebrate its 50th birthday.

The book features fascinating tips from the UK's top cat behaviourists as well as illustrations by feline artists and cat-loving celebrities including Top Gear's James May, presenter Steve Leonard, designer Elizabeth Emanuel, author Alexander McCall Smith and actress Maureen Lipman.

FAB hopes the book will help owners to think more like a cat.