High school is top of the class

PONTELAND High is among the best non-selective schools in the country when it comes to last year’s GCSE exam performance.

It has been named in the top ten per cent by SSAT (The Schools Network).

To make this elite list, at least 19 per cent of students needed to get five A* or A grades or more, including English and Maths.

SSAT Chief Executive Sue Williamson said: “Ponteland High School should be congratulated for its stunning achievement in securing some of the best GCSE results in the country.

“There is plenty that other schools could learn from its success.”

The private company, set up to carry on the work of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust which was abolished by the Government, ranked every school in the country according to how well they performed in the 2011 GCSE exams.

It set the bar higher than ever before by concentrating on the top two grades that could be achieved.

Ponteland High Associate Headteacher Anita Brown said: “Our school has an established reputation for the quality of our teaching and learning and this award is proof of the excellence of our staff and students.

“We are looking forward to another successful summer of results for all of our students, because we are committed to helping everyone to do the best they can no matter what their ability level may be.”