Not even Dr Who could see so much history in a week!

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FROM Ancient Egyptians to polar explorers – Ponteland children dressed up as part of an initiative to bring the past to life.

Each year group at Darras Hall First School was involved in the fun activities during history week such as investigation tasks.

Tutenankhamun and two priests lokking out from the Tomb Class13

Tutenankhamun and two priests lokking out from the Tomb Class13

The subjects were space exploration, Grace Darling, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt and Antarctic explorers.

On one of the days, teachers set puzzles to solve for both their and other year groups in the school.

One of the classrooms was transformed into ‘Tutankhamun’s tomb’ and year three teacher Lucy Fargher, who is in charge of history across the school, used her archaeology background to set pupils the challenge of identifying a particular historical site from maps, aerial photographs and diagrams.

Storyteller Pat Renton came in to lead an exciting session about Northumberland folk tales and legends and an actor from Tempus Fugit Educational Theatre did an interactive show playing the part of Grace Darling. Students found out more about her life and achievements through their questions and participation.

There was also a day when pupils and teachers wore costumes from various historical periods.

As well as the subjects from the week, there were people dressed as kings and queens, Napoleon, Dick Turpin, Vikings and knights.

Mrs Fargher said: “The children had a lot of fun, built up their knowledge and gained a wider appreciation of history, as well as finding out that these famous people did normal things too and had their own families.

“They got fully involved in all of the activities and they and their parents came up with some great outfits for the dressing up day.

“Teachers also enjoyed the week and they also relayed to pupils the different skills that historians and archaeologists need for their job.”