Rivers stocked with more fish

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MORE fish have been placed in Northumberland rivers in separate re-stocking exercises.

The Wansbeck Angling Association has stocked the river at Morpeth with trout to make up for losses from increased numbers of herons, otters, goosanders and cormorants in the area.

The group bought extra fish thanks to a donation from Morpeth Town Council and has now carried out two stockings of about 50 fish each.

The 11-inch fish, which cost more than £3 each, will provide game for the Wansbeck fishermen.

Angling Association Chairman Doug Graham said: “I hope youngsters will start fishing in the Morpeth stretch and if they enjoy it, join the association, which has water up and down stream of the town.

“We need young members to join the club, not just to increase the membership, but it is essential for the future of the association, which is over 100 years old.”

Meanwhile, the Environment Agency has stocked the River Pont with hundreds of grayling.

The year-old fish have been reared at the agency’s fish farm and it is hoped they will continue to grow in the river and spawn next spring.

The grayling were released into the River Pont around Stamfordham, Matfen and Eachwick to boost stocks in areas that have previously suffered from pollution.

Agency Fisheries Officer Chris Carter said: “We are pleased with the way the restoration of these watercourses has gone and it is now time to help fish stocks recover.

“It is good news for local anglers as there should be a wider variety of healthy adult fish to catch in coming years.”