Frenchman’s Row – homes for colliers

Heddon  - Frenchman's Row

Heddon - Frenchman's Row

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Mackenzie, in his View of the County of Northumberland, 1825, speaking of East Heddon, says: “On the north side of the turnpike is a place called the Frenchman’s Row, having been occupied by French emigrants.

“This row of houses, which had been inhabited by colliers engaged in Messrs. Bell and Brown’s colliery at Heddon, was prepared for their reception and presented a pleasing spectacle to the passing traveller.

“The entrance to the apartments on the second story (sic) was by a flight of steps on the outside, which landed on a gallery that ran nearly the whole length of the building. In the front were plots of ground for gardens, which were kept in excellent order by the respective possessors.


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