Garbage gang hits streets

A GARBAGE gang has been out on the streets of Hepscott to clean up after the litter louts.

Residents of Barmoor Bank came out in force last week as part of Hepscott Parish Council’s Clean-up Day.

And between them they collected 14 bags of litter, including five hub caps, on the stretch between Barmoor Farm and Coalburn.

Philippa Raper, of Hepscott Parish Council, said: “We are sick and tired of people who finish their fish and chips or whatever and then hoy the remains out of the car window for someone else to clean up.

“The same mentality seems to apply to runners who just leave their empty water bottles.

“It was helpful to be able to use the equipment supplied by the county council and we are all friends, as well as neighbours, so it was quite fun to work together.

“It looks tidy now, but we suspect it will not last long.”