A superhero fashion show!

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SUPER schoolchildren strutted their stuff on the catwalk for a special fashion show.

A recent topic about materials included having a look at some of the accessories used by superheroes in various stories and pupils at Grange View First School in Widdrington Station decided that these colourful characters should be the theme for the event.

The youngest children designed their own superhero underpants and used glue to stick on the accessories.

Those in Key Stage one measured the length of their cape before cutting and decorating it and Key Stage two students also did a bit of sewing with Velcro as they had one or two letters on their outfits.

Teacher Lauren Chapman, main organiser of the event, said: “The pupils enjoyed posing in their costumes on stage to their own music.

“They were very creative and were thrilled when we told them that they could take their outfits home with them afterwards.

“There was a big turnout from parents and grandparents and the children were also keen to show them the other work they had done in school on the subject.”




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