Safe crossing at last for children

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A NEW lollipop man has been appointed for two Morpeth schools, eight months after the vacancy came up.

Parents, teachers and councillors are delighted to see the crossing patrol reintroduced outside Chantry and Newminster Middle Schools after months of worry over pupils’ safety as they crossed Mitford Road without supervision.

John Henderson-new lollipop man at Morpeth's Chantry Middle School.'REF 2402142504

John Henderson-new lollipop man at Morpeth's Chantry Middle School.'REF 2402142504

With 22 vacant crossing patrol posts across Northumberland, it proved difficult finding an attendant and teachers were told they could not stop traffic to guide pupils across the road themselves.

Now, however, grandfather John Henderson has stepped into the role.

“I retired in November when I was 60 and I was just looking for a nice little job,” he said.

“I have been a driver for I don’t know how many years and I have always respected the lollipop staff. I have grandkids myself and I would like to think they could get across the road safely.

“With being a driver I think I can read the road well and see what the traffic is doing.

“The kids have been great so far – they say thank you and good morning, and the staff seem to like me being here as well.”

Chantry Head of School Steven Johnson said: “I am absolutely ecstatic that finally we have someone in post. It is a relief to the parents and teachers.

“Now we just really want the parents to park sensibly and allow Mr Henderson to do his job.

“I would also like to urge people to take up some of the other vacancies for crossing patrols in Northumberland. If anyone thinks they could do this job, schools will be really grateful to them for getting in touch with the county council.”

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