Motorcycle masterclass sets bikers on right road

A MOTORCYCLING masterclass has been set up to help riders from the county to improve their skills.

Scenic Northumberland provides some of the best motorcycling roads in the UK, but like many rural areas every year the area experiences a number of accidents involving bikers.

In a bid to reduce the amount of incidents, an advanced training programme called ExpertRider is being offered.

A team of highly experienced ex-Northumbria Police motorcycle instructors provide a day’s training, tailored to the rider’s individual needs.

Bikers will cover more than 100 miles of Northumberland roads in about six hours and the training can be undertaken either on a one-to-one basis or with a friend.

Northumberland County Council manages the course in partnership with the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service, A+One and Northumbria Police.

County Road Safety Officer Leslie Gilbert said: “The day’s session with the team involves over 100 miles of road work and features a range of riding environments.

“This post-test training is flexible and is designed around the needs of the rider, their level of experience and the type of bike they ride.”

The cost of an ExpertRider Train Together Day for two riders with one instructor is £75 per person. The ExpertRider Coaching Day, with one rider being coached on an individual basis, is £150.

For more information telephone 01670 533939, email or visit