Tiddlers get toddling at charity day of ducking ‘n’ diving

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There was no ducking out of an annual fund-raising challenge as toddlers put their best feet forward for charity.

Twenty-one members of the Cresswell Tiddlers group took part in a sponsored Toddle Waddle this week to raise funds for Meningitis Now.

It is the tenth year the toddler group has taken part in the event, collecting an impressive total of more than £6,000 over the previous nine walks.

The tiddlers met at Cresswell Village Hall at 10am on Tuesday to begin this year’s challenge of walking several times around the car park beside the local ice cream shop.

Along the way, organisers had made a puddle pond and the youngsters were each able to pick up a toy duck to take home.

After the walk, they returned to the hall for singing and snacks, before collecting their medals.

Organiser Delyia Getty said: “We did have a couple of children who didn’t make it because of chicken pox, but we had 21 there, which was quite good, and it didn’t rain so we were lucky.

“We even had to book our own puddle, which the lady in the ice cream shop made by pouring a bucket of water into a dip in the car park to float the toy ducks, and each of the tiddlers got to take a little duck home with them.”

Money raised from the toddle waddle will help Meningitis Now to fund research into the disease and provide practical and emotional support to those affected by it.

The Cresswell Tiddlers meet in the Village Hall every Tuesday, from 10am to 11.30am.

Mrs Getty said: “It is an opportunity for parents, grandparents and children to get together and it allows the children to interact with each other. We will celebrate our 15th birthday in July and it still seems popular.”




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