Urgent drains probe wanted

WATER bosses have been told to look into Morpeth drainage problems as a matter of urgency.

Resident Trevor Walmsley has called for action to tackle the surface water issues in Middle Greens as part of a new Flood Action Plan.

He said: "There is a whole bunch of pre-event actions that Northumbrian Water should be taking in order to make sure that Middle Greens doesn't flood the same as it did last time.

"The drains let people down badly. There is somebody whose garden floods every time it rains because the drains aren't suitable."

He added that the Morpeth Flood Action Group has enlisted experts to assess the drainage systems.

However, Northumbrian Water insists the problem is not its responsibility.

A spokeswoman said: "In early September when there was a flood there was a large amount of rainfall. After that we checked our network in Middle Greens using a CCTV camera and the survey showed that the network operated as it is meant to do.

"We believe that the surface water flooding in Bennett's Walk is not the responsibility of Northumbrian Water and is coming from a source not linked to our network."