It’s not all sweetness and light

I read with interest the many reasons the pubs and clubs in Morpeth should be open all hours.

Mr Flounders, you stated you had lived in the centre of the town. I would like to know where.

I live 30 metres from Bridge Street and about 80 metres from the Clock Tower. That is the centre of the town.

I have lived in my flat for 17 years and at least 15 of those were spent being woken every weekend at around 2am with noise from the HQ disco, the taxi rank and people roaming the area.

We, the residents of our small estate, have had to put up with the public urinating in the three yards that lead to our homes, defecating behind the electricity station and having sex in the car park and bushes next to our homes.

Think twice, Mr Flounders. If you think the town centre was good, why are you living in the country?

Have you any connection with the taxis, the fast food outlets or the licensing trade?

As for landlords helping with controlling the noise after hours, I have yet to see it. We had three different owners of the Queen’s Head and not one of them cared what happened after the doors were closed.

Ask the environmental health department of the council how many times we have complained, ask the police how many times they have been called out to our estate.

During this time there have been many fights, we have had flowers destroyed, a small motorbike stolen and a car windscreen smashed.

We have had a period of about eight or nine months of comparative peace. This has been since the Queen’s Head, Aruba, Shooters and Chambers were closed.

We will see if this changes with this new venue opening.

I and many others in Morpeth can see no reason to have maybe 200 people roaming the town till maybe 3am. Mr David Clark, we are hehind you all the way because if one bar gets the extra hours, many more will want the same.

It has happened before.

I forgot to add, we (the residents) had to sweep the broken glass off the road so we could drive our cars out nearly every weekend.

So Mr Founders, it is not all sweetness and light in our town centre. Think of the townspeople as well as the businessmen.