Play has an environmental message

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Pupils enjoyed diving into their roles for a play that was both entertaining and educational.

This year’s summer performance by Cambo First School was called Eddie the Penguin Saves the World and there was a full house at the village hall.

The plot sees Eddie embark on an adventure with his friends to find out why the ice is melting where he lives.

He discovers that human beings are the main cause and so he goes on a mission to save the planet and let people in the world know how they can change things for the better.

Cambo First School headteacher Paula Cummings said: “The costumes were brilliant, the songs were sweet and the acting was fabulous and the hall was packed to the rafters with parents, grandparents, ex-pupils, passers-by and friends of the school.

“The whole performance was an eco educational experience – not a member of the audience left us not thinking how they could help the environment. “We ended to the sound of clapping, whooping and the chant of encore.”




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