Pupils’ work in the frame

A generous act has given Abbeyfields First School in Morpeth the opportunity to have a new way of showcasing its pupils’ work.

Monday, 5th August 2019, 12:02 pm
Updated Friday, 16th August 2019, 20:27 pm
John Davidson, Allison Charlton and a group of Abbeyfields First School pupils.

John Davidson from Innovative Eyecare Ltd in Heaton has had three children attend the school in Kirkhill.

He was delighted to support it by donating funds to purchase a large set of display frames, which will be used to display children’s work throughout the school.

Allison Charlton, art and design subject leader, said: “At Abbeyfields, we value all areas of the curriculum equally and feel it is important to show this in the way we display our children’s work.

“The new frames will allow us to move forward with our modernisation plans for the school in general.”

Pupils were excited to show Mr Davidson their work, which featured completed pieces in the style of Mondrian and local artist Rozanne Bell, just before the end of term.

He said: “Abbeyfields school is a unique environment for young children who learn through fun, as well as formal education.

“All three of my children have attended Abbeyfields and the decision to choose the school was based on a feeling of warmth and happiness that permeates the whole place.

“The artwork they had on display had particular resonance to me as an optometrist, as the bright colours and geometric shapes of Mondrian reminded me of how the eyes and brain process information using primary colours and shapes to create a perception of the world we live in without us even thinking about it.”