A cold start to another glorious year

Colourful heathers.
Colourful heathers.

We’ve reached an interesting stage of the gardening year. On the one hand is the possibility of truly foul weather, whilst the other recognises positive signs of light at the tunnel’s end.

The day length is increasing steadily and buds are swelling on spring flowering shrubs such as forsythia, encouraging us to snip a few stems for the vase indoors where they’ll flower early. Several dwarf bulbs, aconite, snowdrop, cyclamen, narcissi for example, are blooming in the borders. And the heathers are ablaze with colour.

The cold greenhouse is playing host to tender plants, all covered in protective fleece. But even though the daytime temperature outside hovers around zero the sun is already having an influence under glass.

Developing seedlings and tender potted plants cannot remain covered all day.

The February greenhouse is a mere skeleton of its summer glory but everything is ready for action. Vines are pruned, flower buds are enlarging on the peach, and early seed sowing is on the march.