Adventures of Mr George

‘WHAT an amazing collection,’ was the general consensus of the Mitford WI members, meeting on a very cold February night.

The collection was being shown by Diana Bell, who is the daughter of a Northumbrian mechanical watch and clock repairer, and consisted of watches, clocks and many artefacts from her father’s business.

He was a man who never threw anything away and, in fact, bought stock from any watch repairer who was closing down. Now, continuing the tradition, Diana has added further items, including snuff boxes, decorated tins, keys and novelty watches.

Not satisfied with this, she has written three stories for young children, packed with memories of some of the adventures she had with her father, ‘Mr George’, and has produced DVDs using puppets as the characters.

While this would seem more than enough of a challenge, she is moving to live in Haltwhistle, along with her four children to open a Museum of Time on the Main Street on March 31. It will be educational and have everything on display, as well as puppet shows and DVDs.

It would seem that the adventures of Mr George and his daughter are far from over, and based on this talk I would highly recommend a visit to the new museum.