Black and white snap brings memories flooding back

Nancy Noble, aged 16. She is now 93
Nancy Noble, aged 16. She is now 93

A MORPETH pensioner has been taken back to her youth with the return of an old picture.

Ninety-three-year-old Nancy Lawson, nee Noble, has lived in Morpeth all her life, having been brought up in Oldgate.

As a teenager she became close to Jack Pringle, a driver for the market gardening industry, and when he was called up to serve in the Second World War he paid five shillings for her and his sister Ettie to have their photographs taken so that he could take the pictures with him to the front.

As war raged on, Nancy believed that Jack had been killed fighting and gradually moved on with her life, but years later she bumped into him in the town and found out that he had been captured by the Japanese and placed in a Prisoner of War camp.

By that time, Nancy was married and Jack also married so the pair went their separate ways.

But now, the memories have come flooding back after Nancy was presented with her old photograph by Jack’s son.

“Jack was a driver so I never thought he would go off to war straight away, but because of his experience he was one of the first to be called up,” she said.

“I remember he paid five shillings for my photo to take it with him to war and I have never seen it since, but now I have been given it back by his son.

“I don’t know his name, but I want to thank him for bringing it back to me. I’m over the moon with it.”