Body, mind and spirit

FOR the second month running, Morpeth Townswomen’s Guild’s speaker was a vicar.

In February, we entertained the Rev Harwood, a chaplain at Wansbeck Hospital. This month, we welcomed the Rev Peter McConnell, Senior Chaplain to Northumbria Police.

Mr McConnell gave a very interesting and amusing account of his work. A busy man, he is also the vicar at Longhorsley.

He has a team of 20 field chaplains working with him. They include a Sikh, a Buddist monk, a Baptist and a Pagan witch, all popular with officers.

The job is not about religion as such, but about welfare, health, etc, ‘body, mind and spirit’. Their work is confidential and they help officers through dark times, for example, a probationer attending his or her first fatal accident.

Amusing times include being mistaken for strippers as he and a police officer attended the opening of a music store in a well-known shopping centre.

Mr McConnell was warmly thanked by Mrs Pat Lumley, our Treasurer.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, April 14 at St Robert’s Church Hall, Oldgate.