Check first

OUTDOOR enthusiasts have been reminded to inform police if they are planning any shoots.

Officers have noticed an increase in the number of calls about people carrying weapons in public.

But the reports usually relate to people hunting with air weapons or taking part in organised shoots that the police have not been told about.

Responding to the calls takes up valuable resources and time so police are advising those planning shoots to contact local officers in advance and let them know when and where they will be taking place.

Farmers or landowners planning to shoot on their land should also inform the police.

And anyone using weapons on private or public land without permission and the necessary legal authority has been warned they could face arrest and prosecution.

Northumbria Police Superintendent Mick Pearson said: “The calls we get around this often turn out to be organised shoots where those taking part haven’t thought to inform the police.”

“We tend to see a rise in these kind of reports when the nights get lighter and more of these events are taking place.

“Anyone taking part in or organising a shoot where weapons will be present should let us know when and where it’s happening. A phone call on the 101 number is enough to let officers know what’s going on and can be a huge help when dealing with calls from the public.”