Determined doggedness

WHAT dedication, what faith and what a determined doggedness our two speakers showed at the June meeting of the Mitford WI.

Mr and Mrs Anderson shared their talk, which at the end left our members feeling quite humble, but full of admiration for everything they have achieved.

Following the death of a son, Mrs Anderson felt the need to remember him in a positive way and following a most vivid dream, felt that she and her husband were being led to working with orphans in Palestine.

Although they began by helping to rescue a young homeless boy and finding him accommodation in an orphanage, it wasn’t long before they saw an even greater need to provide shelter and love for abandoned girls in the village of Bethany.

That is how Lazarus House came into being and was the start of the 14-year journey to build a hostel and provide education, healthcare and love to some 30 traumatised young girls.

Their fund-raising is worldwide and along the way, many professionals such as architects, lawyers and bankers have all come to give their assistance.

It was a truly remarkable story; quite inspiring and of course ongoing.