Everybody loves a good bargain

Acuba Marmorata is a bargain.
Acuba Marmorata is a bargain.
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Everybody loves a bargain and gardeners are no exception.

Last week, while browsing at our local garden emporium, we spotted several potted shrubs of good quality reduced in price by 50 per cent.

Such opportunities do not arise every day and so demanded closer inspection.

The outcome was a gorgeous spotted laurel (aucuba japonica Marmorata) that will help brighten the garden for years to come.

“Where are you going to plant it,” I was asked, as happens with all impulse buys.

“Not sure at present, possibly the mixed border but I’ll find a place for it,” was the standard response.

We’ve always had a common spotted laurel, which has quite attractive variegated leaves and provides an ideal nesting or roosting spot for resident birds, but recent years have seen the emergence of even more attractive cultivars.

Three autumns ago, we introduced aucuba Crotonifolia to the garden and it has provided stem cuttings for more plants.

I guess it was just a matter of time before a stunning variety such as this recent purchase stood up to tempt me.

On reflection, what appeared to be an impulse buy was actually the result of much cogitation.

There must be a dream list somewhere in the subconscious of fruiting and ornamental perennials but cost keeps them off the radar.