Fund-raising Kinks gig is ‘a dream come true’ for Terry

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Members of one of the defining groups of the 20th century are teaming-up for a special charity gig in Morpeth next month.

Former members of The Kinks are returning to the town after a successful fund-raising concert earlier in the year.

The charity evening has been organised by Terry Fogerty, who has been one of the band’s biggest fans since he was a teenager.

Mr Fogerty managed to persuade members the group, who have re-formed under the name Kast Off Kinks, to come and perform in Morpeth earlier in the year in memory of his brother, who took ill while on holiday and died in St Oswald’s Hospice.

The gig in February raised more than £6,000 for the hospice, and this time Mr Fogerty is inviting the band back to raise funds in aid of Breast Cancer, as his wife Eileen is recovering from the illness.

“I’m very proud of my wife for being so brave,” said Mr Fogerty.

“It’s taken a long time treatment-wise to get her back, but not everyone is lucky enough to make it and that’s why I’m raising money to help people with breast cancer.”

Mr Fogerty said that it was a “dream come true” that members of the group agreed to perform.

“I’ve been a big fan of The Kinks since I was probably 14 and I’ve followed them and become friends with them over the years, he said.

“It took something tragic for me to fetch them to Morpeth. I would never, ever dream that those lads would come to Morpeth. It was unbelievable when they agreed to do the show.

“It’s not every day you get to meet your heros, but to become friends with them is something else. I meet up with them several times in the year, and I’m hoping to meet up with Ray Davis, of The Kinks, at the back end of November, but it’s very unlikely to get him to come to Morpeth.”

The Kast Off Kinks features members of the band from over the years, including Mick Avory, who was the drummer of the group.

There is also Dave Clarke, who is known for connections to the Beach Boys in the 1970s, and on the bass guitar is John Dalton, who was a member of The Kinks in 1966, from 1969 to 1976, and from 1979. Completing the line-up is Ian Gibbons on keyboard.

The quartet will be performing at the Riverside Lodge next week for a one-off gig, featuring all the classics tunes. A raffle in aid of Tear Drop children’s charity will be run by Jim Smith.

Kast Off Kinks will be at the venue on Thursday, November 5, at 8.30pm.

Tickets are £20, available by telephone on 01670 512771 or 01670 510157.