Gardens are your winter haven

Winter mahonia.
Winter mahonia.

Perhaps plant therapy does not work for everybody but it sure helps this fellow through winter.

What better pick-me-up when shorter, colder days and inclement weather arrive, than to walk around a garden with flowering shrubs in bloom.

The fragrances of viburnum, mahonia and sarcococca are inspirational.

The variegated foliage and coloured stems of eleagnus, euonymus, pittosporum and dogwood to name but a few, is heart-warming.

Better still if they’re growing in your garden and can be constantly snipped at for a vase.

Having a greenhouse to visit daily is the ultimate in enjoyment.

There we are nurturing rooting cuttings in the propagating case, monitoring early bulb displays developing in bowls and checking all the plant patients needing special care.

That’s why we’re cleaning the glass, to squeeze every last drop of light from the day.

For us, gardening is year-round therapy!