A Central News message states that Germany declared war upon Great Britain at 7 o’clock on Tuesday evening.

The Prime Minister, in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, read a telegram from the German Ambassador asking that any distrust that might subsist on the part of the British Government as to Germany’s intentions with regard to the annexation of Belgian territory, even in the case of armed conflict, might be dispelled.

Mr Asquith said this could not be regarded as satisfactory, and the Government had repeated the request that Germany should give us the same assurance with regard to Belgian neutrality that had already been given by France.

Mr Lloyd George detailed a scheme which had been developed for the insurance of war risks to British ships entrusted in bringing food supplies or industrial material to England. The right hon. gentleman’s statement was received with expressions of the highest approval by both sides of the House.


Brussels, Tuesday.

The Minister of the Interior has been advised from Liege that German troops have invaded Belgian territory by way of Herve which lies on the line or railway between Liege and Aix-la-Chapelle.


The following statement was issued to a representative of the Central News by the French Embassy on Tuesday morning:

The German Ambassador at Paris yesterday presented M. Viviani with a note protesting against the alleged flights of French aviators over Germany and Belgium, and stating that in consequence of these acts of intended aggression Germany considers herself as being now in a state of war with France.


The following message has been addressed by H.M. the King to Admiral Sir John Jellicoe:

At this grave moment in our national history, I send to you, and through you to the officers and men of the fleets of which you have assumed command, the assurance of my confidence that under your direction they will revive and renew the old glories of the Royal Navy, and prove once again the sure shield of Britain and of her Empire in the hour of trial.

George R.I.


Paris, August 5

Germany has sent an ultimatum to Italy that if she does not support her allies, Austro-Hungary and Germany, war would be declared against her.

British Cruiser sunk

It is announced by the Admiralty that the British cruiser Amphion was sunk yesterday morning in the North Sea, after striking a mine. A paymaster and 130 men were lost, and the captain, 16 officers, and 135 men were saved.

• This feature to commemorate the First World War brings you the news as it happened in 1914 as reported by the Morpeth Herald. It is published with kind permission of the Mackay family. We thank them for their support and generosity in allowing us access to their archive.