Group tells story of a village in wartime

Members of Hepscott Heritage Group at the Wartimes in Hepscott exhibition.
Members of Hepscott Heritage Group at the Wartimes in Hepscott exhibition.

A heritage group has been delving into the wartime history of a community near Morpeth.

Hepscott Heritage Group held an exhibition in the Parish Hall last month, prompted by the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Wartimes In Hepscott followed extensive research by members.

It included information about the men of the community who went to war and did not return, whose names are commemorated on brass plaques that were originally in the village church and school of St Luke’s, which stood until 1985.

School log books, meanwhile, gave an insight into how the war affected children of the village, and old records showed the various ways in which women helped the war effort.

There were also Homeguard records on display, with a map of the defences around Hepscott.

The Boer War was also commemorated in the exhibition, and there was a letter displayed about the safe return of a volunteer to a Hepscott farm, as well as a report from the Morpeth Herald about a celebratory reception when the troops returned in 1901.

The heritage group is still conducting further research and has appealed for anyone to get in touch with information about John Oliver, James Y Dawson and John W Strong, who names are included on the plaques.

Anyone interested in joining the group would be welcome.

For more information visit communities.northumberland.gov.uk or hepscottparishcouncil.org.uk