It was a night to remember

IT was an evening to test the memory at BPW Morpeth’s last meeting.

As The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English puts it, memory is ‘faculty of remembering’, a faculty which can also fade with age and for which the re-call system, at times, is hesitant to express itself.

So to check that members’ somewhat ageing brains were still as bright as they used to be, President Hilarie took everyone through the various stages of memory, cross-examining members on different types of remembering different types of things.

The club was divided into two teams and, yes, the younger team won by six points, which was not a bad showing for BPW’s more senior members. The evening was somewhat hilarious and much enjoyed by everyone.

Arrangements for the forthcoming President’s Evening were discussed, with members eagerly anticipating a social get together with other local ladies’ organisations.

BPW’s next meeting will be the annual President’s Evening on Thursday, October 20 at St James’ Centre, starting at 7.30pm, where the entertainment will be provided by a Basso Profundo singer.

Anyone wishing to know more about BPW and its activities should telephone 01670 514579 for more information.