Lively evening at gardening club

Last week was our final garden club meeting for this year, we restart in late January.

It was a lively evening with plenty of free plants for members to carry off home. David brought along and advised on several potted plants he values, including the Christmas favourite, Narcissus Paper White.

Then Clare, who is a senior gardener at The Alnwick Garden, and a welcome addition to our team, gave us an update on their activities.

Kathleen’s monthly floral arrangement, which one lucky member always takes home, included the striking foliage of eucalyptus, dieffenbachia and variegated New Zealand flax.

I’d taken along examples of colourful shrubs that cheer me through winter, also herbaceous perennials ready for planting and shrubs rooted from hardwood stem cuttings this time last year – all of which were surplus to requirements. Our members left with smiles on faces and that’s all we ask.

Hope they return in January!