Morpeth Stobhillgate Townwomen’s Guild

OUR first meeting after our summer break was held on Thursday, September 8 when Mr Michael Pearce gave an interesting and informative talk, entitled Lakeland Seasons.

The tourism season begins around Easter when snow can still be visible on some mountain tops and ice on the tarns. There is also a lovely profusion of flowers, including Arctic alpines, which are more common in Iceland.

The tourist season is in full swing come summer, with Beatrix Potter’s house being a major attraction. Lots of sailing, mountain biking and rock climbing are popular pastimes. Some cliffs are out of bounds because of nesting birds, especially peregrine falcons, and also to protect plants, such as the yellow saxifrage.

Autumn is a lovely season, with calm days and lovely sunshine. There is time to build walls for sheep pens. Some are also parish boundaries. Forestry is an autumn industry. There are large commercial forests, which are now accessible to visitors.

Winter brings snow falls and frost. In past times ice hockey was played on frozen tarns. There has been much less snow and ice in recent years.

Large industries, such as lead, slate and copper mining, gave employment in the 18th and 19th centuries. These have now been replaced by mainly tourism.

Mr Pearce was thanked by Mrs Patton and the meeting ended with our usual raffle, followed by tea and biscuits.

Our next meeting is on Thursday, October 13 at St Robert’s Church Hall at 1.30pm.