No holiday for Mexico missionaries

The M10 party, including teenagers from the Mitford Youth Group, before they flew off to Mexico.''.
The M10 party, including teenagers from the Mitford Youth Group, before they flew off to Mexico.''.

A GROUP of teenagers are currently down Mexico way – but this is no holiday for them.

A total of 16 people from the Mitford Youth Group are taking part in the M10 mission, which involves a house building project and youth work in the Ensenada region of the country.

The 14 to 18-year-olds raised more than £1,000 each after a range of events and activities were arranged.

They signed up for the ten-day trip after hearing about it from mission leader Stephen Riley at a youth weekend in Seahouses during Spring last year.

One of the party, 17-year-old Becky Forbes, said before setting off: “The mission sounded very exciting and when we found out the full details, we were determined to raise the required amount of money.

“We’re grateful to all those who supported our events, bought our products and gave donations.

“It’s fantastic that after all the planning, we can now go out to Mexico and be involved in some important projects.

“For the house building, we will be lifting things and painting and those of us over 16 can use some of the tools. It will be hard work, but we’re up for the challenge.”

Renting out restaurants, holding a garden party, putting together concerts and an auction of promises, clearing leaves and snow, doing a bag pack and running coffee mornings and a cake stall were among the ways they collected funds.

The youth group has links to the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Mitford – with members helping to run some of these events and activities – although it is open to all young people in the area.

The 16 teens will be accompanied on their trip to Mexico by five youth leaders, including Louise Hancox.

She said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that they are willing to step outside their comfort zone and do something so worthwhile.

“Rather than an experience of a lifetime, Stephen describes it as an experience for a lifetime as we hope it will inspire them to continue to serve others in need when they return.

“They will learn how God can use them to help those less fortunate, how to communicate with people from a different culture and the importance of working as a team.”

The party also includes five youths from the Newcastle area.