Northumbrian stories and song

ATTENDING members of Lancaster Park WI spent a most entertaining January meeting in the company of raconteur Geoff Hughes.

A retired teacher, he related Northumbrian stories and songs to a rapt audience.

Members were requested to sing along from song sheets provided. A Lancaster Park ‘choir’ sang along with several songs, including The Keel Row, Bobby Shafto, Cushy Butterfield, Wor Geordie’s Lost His Penker and I Have A Little Whippet. Imagination had to be used in respect of the soft toy brought along posing as a whippet, it more resembled a fox.

In addition to the sing-along, Geoff imparted information relating to his excellent presentation. He described the lives and work of the Keel men of Sandgate in Tyneside. The Keel Row is used as the trot march of the Royal Horse Artillery, one of the mounted regiments of the British Army.

Robert (Bobby) Shafto’s father and uncle had both been Members of Parliament and Bobby continued the tradition, becoming MP for County Durham in 1760 and MP for Downton in 1780.

The meeting was brought nicely to a close with the provision of a pooled supper.

The next meeting will take place on February 2, at Morpeth All Saints School, Pinewood Drive, at 7.30pm. New members and visitors are always welcome.