Not all plain sailing from the spuds!

Red Duke of York.
Red Duke of York.

By comparison to tomatoes, potatoes are a dream to grow but that is not to say that it’s all plain sailing.

It’s 10 weeks from planting to digging for early types which we should all be enjoying at present, and the only blot on the landscape is a thought that blight spores might float in on the breeze any time soon.

It is some years since I last grafted a tomato top onto a potato bottom and enjoyed the best of both worlds. The idea never really took-off commercially but it’s fun to do. So when Thompson & Morgan offered three

Tomtat plants to Tom Pat, it was difficult to say no.

This venture is a first for them and an initiative that deserves success.

I did notice during the final potting-on stage that a few small potatoes had already formed, and the first truss of tomato flowers was in place, so we’re on course.

Regular feeding, time and patience should lead to the photograph I’m dying to take!