Photography contest puts the focus on wildlife

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IT was a five-star performance from residents in and near Morpeth for Northumberland Wildlife Trust’s 26th annual photography competition.

Peter Tapsell, from Tranwell Woods, was first in the adult category.

Birds are always attracted to his garden by the well-stocked feeders and are a constant source of entertainment. Mr Tapsell makes special provision for long-tailed tits which, this year, paid off as they featured in his winning image of three long tailed tits feeding off an old Christmas tree.

Emily Nisbet-Forster, 13, of Morpeth, took second place with her photograph of a shield bug, which she spotted resting on her family’s car.

In the under-13s category, Morpeth children took first, second and third prizes – making it five in total for the area.

Jonathan Farooqi, aged 10, scooped first and third with two images taken on a trip to Holy Island. The Stobhill Manor resident’s winning picture was of a Burnet moth on a ragwort and his third-placed photograph was of marsh helleborines on the island.

Nine-year-old Adam Herne’s picture of a robin in his grandparents’ garden earned him second place.

He became interested in photography after winning a camera in a drawing competition, in which he sketched a swan.

Pictured right, top, Peter Tapsell’s long-tailed tits and Jonathan Farooqui’s Burnet moth.