Poetry brought to life to promote library

A Morpeth-based performing arts group will bring two fictional characters to the streets to share a little taste of the town’s poetry collection.

The November Club will be introducing Miss Hedley, a straight-laced librarian, and her brother Richard, a slightly eccentric and wayward poet, to walk around Morpeth town centre.

The pair will be reciting poems of the winter and the festive season, as well as handing out bookmarks to remind the people of Morpeth of the town’s often overlooked treasure – The Northern Poetry Library.

This is the second occasion that the club has brought playful poetry recitals to the streets of Morpeth to help raise awareness and build audiences for the poetry library, which houses the largest collection of contemporary poetry outside London.

The pair will be taking to the streets on Saturday around the Christmas Farmers’ Market, from 11am until 3pm.