Power and control

THE ladies of BPW Morpeth learned about the Shakti project of Sangini, started by Shreelka Reddy, the wife of a Wearside doctor, when Margaret Dobson and her friend Pat came to their last meeting.

Sangini means friend and the aim of this venture is to increase the quality of life of women of all ages, with particular focus on ethnic minority communities. It promotes their health, personal wellbeing and cultural diversity.

The one thing these women all have in common is that they have all been the victims of domestic violence. The women, working with Sunderland artist Josephine Taggart, were encouraged to make glass-fronted boxes into which they placed everyday objects portraying the horrors of what they had endured and the hope that was to come.

These life boxes depicted the control and power their partners had over them and Margaret brought several of these boxes to show members.

Margaret Dobson is Chairman of the project’s steering committee and also a trustee of Sangini. The Shakti project will run during the last two weeks in November at Sunderland Winter Garden.

BPW Morpeth will next meet at the St James’s Centre on Thursday, July 21, at 7.30pm for a business meeting with a difference. Anyone wishing to know more about BPW and its activities should telephone 01670 514579 for more information.