Tales of the coast delight the U3A

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Morpeth and District U3A

IN a change from the advertised programme, the speaker at the last U3A meeting was Tony Barrow, a well-known local speaker.

With the help of slides, he talked of the Maritime Heritage of North East England, dividing his knowledge of the area into three well-defined sections.

First he spoke of the economic history which came with the ports, secondly he talked of the history of the North East coast and lastly he dwelt on the maritime areas of commerce and industry.

He touched on Warkworth as a medieval port, the history of the Delaval family and Seaton Sluice, the Tyne and its two piers, the Alnmouth Schooner, the Seahouses lime kilns, ships and shipbuilding, and so on.

This was just a small part of the knowledge he imparted during the afternoon and his delighted audience would have been happy for Mr Barrow to have spoken at much greater length.

Following such an interesting talk, members were only too pleased to discuss the trains of thought he had set in motion, which they did during the social half-hour before the meeting closed.

Having been unable to tell Morpeth U3A of the Foreign Devils on the Silk Road as advertised for the last meeting, Kathleen and Harry Gilbert will now speak at the next meeting at Morpeth Rugby Club on Tuesday, May 21, starting at 2pm.

More information is available by telephoning 01670 505899.