Time to forget about late frost – it’s all systems go for gardeners

Full steam ahead at the garden centres.
Full steam ahead at the garden centres.

Judging by the activity at local garden centres recently, I’d say the general public has decided that it’s all systems go for planting.

As we stand on the threshold of June it is time to throw caution to the wind, stop fretting about the possibility of late frost and get on with it.

Sensible gardeners plan well ahead and have all the desired plants to hand by this time of year, this fellow included, but there was a small slip-up with the tomatoes.

We generally grow several varieties and they are raised from seed. However, with an untimely holiday approaching, the decision was made to only sow two cultivars, hold back on the rest until mid-May. This in order to keep greenhouse maintenance down to the minimum in our absence.

But on returning and seeing other greenhouses with well-advanced plants, I decided to buy some in and save growing time. Thankfully all the desired varieties were available locally, and the seeds not sown will keep in a cool, dry place until next year.

Sourcing the plants you need is not always easy, especially when we’re well into a season. Who, for example, is thinking of winter vegetables as we head into June and the garden centre is awash with distracting bedding plants?

But if you wish to pick home-grown Brussels sprouts and broccoli beyond December, the young plants should in pots by now. Mine were sown six weeks ago and are coming on nicely.

Luckily there is a good range of plugs available locally if you care to look, and they’re just ready to pot up and harden off.