Trendy tastes with superfoods of the day

Sue Malloy at her final cookery demonstration.
Sue Malloy at her final cookery demonstration.


After last year’s cookery demonstration of Food for Easter by the Federation’s Sue Malloy, we decided to repeat the experience.

This year Sue was cooking recipes from around the world using fashionable ingredients.

A black bean veggie pot from South America, high in antioxidants, was accompanied by a delicious sauce made from avocados and crème fraiche. Avocado has 20 nutrients.

Ceviche, another South American dish, of marinated raw fish, followed.

Dorothy Sowerby, champion drop scone queen, tried substituting gluten-free almond flour and coconut flour for plain flour, but both needed copious amounts of liquid and did not result in consistent results. They tasted fine, but were too much hassle.

A buffet included lean ostrich steaks, spelt and roasted butternut squash salad, and a chocolate and orange tart, using agave syrup and coconut oil.

Sadly, it was Sue’s final demonstration, but our privilege to watch.