Volumes to keep you busy forever

A garden centre voucher is a present option.
A garden centre voucher is a present option.

What we all long to hear after bestowing a Christmas present on a friend is that it is simply marvellous, better still if the sentiment continues for years afterwards.

The best chance of this happening perhaps lies in the purchase of a book, but not any old book.

Bearing in mind that we’re buying for a keen gardener, I’ve recently come across two complementary RHS volumes with potential to be dipped into ad infinitum. These are Latin for Gardeners and Botany for Gardeners.

There’s a current newspaper deal offering both for £20, they’re cheaper still via Amazon, or could be ordered at a local bookshop.

There are several ways in which these treasures could be helpful over a gardening lifetime.

And although I have similar volumes on the bookshelf, space has been created for them because they are bang up to date and written in such simple language.

Nineteen days left to buy someone a really exciting present so don’t panic – yet!

If you’re really stuck there’s always the garden-voucher option, which enables the recipient to choose something they really want, but I am reliably informed that is seen as acceptable but a total cop-out!