Why you should stick to safety resolution

Quality gloves.
Quality gloves.

Are your new year’s resolutions still holding fast or have you fallen at the first hurdle?

I have one annual resolution that every keen gardener should make at the start of a growing season – consider health and safety at all times.

Last year, I involuntarily became an unrecorded accident statistic on more than one occasion. Unrecorded because in my opinion they were minor things to be dealt with at home rather than trouble the good people at A & E. The grazed knuckle was a direct result of not wearing protective gloves while digging in a mixed border – likewise the blister, a long digging session without hand protection too early in the season.

The rose thorn was a different matter, gloves were in use but not the heavy-duty pair especially suited to pruning a difficult sweetbriar.

Surveying the jobs yet to be done through a rain-splashed window can turn the most docile gardener into a caged tiger. Caution is the watchword once you’re released into the great outdoors because the list of potential hazards is long.

Think slippery and uneven paths, assorted pieces of debris, mishandling tools including anything with a sharp blade, and the garden rake – ouch!