10 reasons why you should microchip your dog

10 reasons why you should get your dog microchipped.
10 reasons why you should get your dog microchipped.

Dog owners are being encouraged to get their young pets microchipped ahead of a new law coming into force next year.

From April 6, 2016 it will become law in England and Wales for all dogs to be microchipped by eight weeks old and registered to an approved database.

Here’s ten reasons why you should get your dog microchipped

1. It can help find missing dogs.

Chipping is seen as an important part of responsible pet ownership, helping to increase the chances of a missing pet being returned safely to its owner.

2. It can help vets.

The microchip can help enable veterinary surgeons to contact dog owners for emergency procedures.

3. It isn’t a big procedure.

The small chip is inserted between the shoulder blades of a dog using a sterile needle

4. It doesn’t really hurt.

Inserting a microchip does not require an anaesthetic as its no bigger than a grain of rice, and is no more painful than a standard vaccination.

5. You can be fined if you don’t.

You can be fined £500 for not having your dog chipped, as of April 6, 2016

6. It can be free.

Some places offer free microchipping, just search online.

7. It can help to catch offenders.

If a dog is microchipped, it can be traced back to the owner, who would then have to answer for any offence that the dog may have committed.

8. It’s a one-time event.

Once your dog is micro-chipped, that’s it. As long as you keep your details up-to-date.

9. A collar and tag can come off or be removed.

A microchip is under the dog’s skin an isn’t going anywhere.

10. Peace of mind.

Knowing your dog is microchipped can give you peace of mind, that if your dog is lost, stolen or injured, it can be traced to you, and, of course, you aren’t breaking the law.