10 things you may (or may not) know about Northumberlandia

A view of Northumberlandia.
A view of Northumberlandia.

The unique landform of a reclining lady has gained interest around the world, but how much do you really know about Cramlington’s Lady of the North?

Here are ten things you may - or may not - know about Northumberlandia.

Northumberlandia'Picture by Paul Carr www.CTLphotography.co.uk

Northumberlandia'Picture by Paul Carr www.CTLphotography.co.uk

1. The creation of Northumberland was seven years in the planning, and a further two in building, and is the largest landscape replica of the female body in the world.

2. The sculpture is 112ft (34m) high at her tallest point,and is 1,300ft (400m) long.

3. Northumberlandia is made up of 1.5m tonnes of rock, soil, stone and clay.

4. Built as part of the restoration of the adjacent Shotton surface coal mine, The Banks Group and the Blagdon Estate invested £3m in the creation of Northumberlandia

5. Northumberlandia is 7.5 times the size of a football pitch, and her water features cover the same area as ten Olympic-sized swimming pools.

6. There are over four miles of new paths on and around the landform and it takes approximately 20 minutes to walk around the edge of the landform.

7. Country park and landscape sculpture is open from dawn til dusk each day. Visitor centre open Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 4.30pm, while the Cafe opens 10.30am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday.

8. The landform is set in a 46 acre community park which is managed by the Land Trust.

9. Far from being a rigid manicured art form, Northumberlandia is a living part of the countryside that will mature over time and change with the seasons.

10. Northumberlandia was designed by American arist Charles Jencks who was surprised by the size of the finished piece.