A compact talk

Kirkley Wi

Annette Maddison spoke to Kirkley WI about her collection of powder compacts.

She has over 400, including rare items. She lent one to Estee Lauder for a display at Harrods. They were given at special times, such as birthdays and as leaving presents, or celebrate events connected with regiments or countries. Originally, compacts held ‘beauty spots’, or powder to cover pox marks. Some are made from Bakelite and plastic, while others are made from more precious materials.

Rosie Creighton, giving the vote of thanks, said the collection was interesting and memorable. The competition for a broach was won by Joan Harrison.

During the business meeting members purchased items to be sold at County Day. Cards were signed for two members who had been in hospital. Members who had attended cookery demonstrations marvelled at the dishes they could sample. Barry Mead will speak at the June meeting and the competition will be a piece of embroidery.