A French theme for Friendship Evening

Hepscott WI

Monday, 9th October 2017, 15:54 pm
Guest speaker Rob Cunningham with Hepscott WI President Lynda Wadge.

The first meeting of Hepscott WI after the summer was also our first Friendship Evening, and it was lovely to see so many new faces.

We began with a chorus of Happy Birthday to Heather Stonebank and applause for members who had won prizes at Hepscott Village Show.

Monet-inspired embroideries by Lorna Cunningham.

The speaker Rob Cunningham then enthralled us with his excellent presentation on Monet’s Garden.

He gave a fascinating account of the painter’s life, as well as his art, illustrated with beautiful slides. Monet’s aim was “always to ensnare the light and throw it across the canvas”. He planted his garden to maximise the colours and changing light through the seasons.

Sadly, Rob’s wife Lorna was unwell and unable to come, but she kindly sent some beautiful embroideries inspired by Monet’s paintings and created by members of the Whitley Bay Embroiderers Guild, plus a set of Monet-inspired cards for us to raffle.

To continue the French theme we replaced the usual tea and biscuits with wine and cheese.

Monet-inspired embroideries by Lorna Cunningham.

Everyone had a delightful evening and hopefully our guests will return to future meetings.

The next meeting on Tuesday, October 17, will be a Pooled Supper and Games Night. Members are reminded to give Lynda or Margery a childhood photograph of themselves before the meeting for a fun quiz, and to bring a plate of food for sharing.