A-level delight for Pont High students

From left, Amy Brook and Aoife Lakey.
From left, Amy Brook and Aoife Lakey.

There were plenty of smiling faces at Ponteland High School as students celebrated their impressive A-level results.

Aoife Lakey, who turns 18 on Thursday, was among the group of successful teenagers.

Olly Jennings.

Olly Jennings.

She achieved an A* in biology and chemistry and a B in maths. She will do a degree in veterinary studies at Bristol University.

The Ponteland resident said: “I’m very pleased with my results. I needed an A in chemistry and I wasn’t sure if I had done enough to get that grade, so achieving an A* was a nice surprise.

“I’m looking forward to getting to treat different animals. I’m also interested in the science aspect of the subject.

“I’m excited about the university experience that’s ahead and I really like the city of Bristol.”

Her friend Amy Brook will be going on a gap year after getting an A* in chemistry and A grades in French and German.

The 18-year-old is hoping to start a joint French and German degree in September 2018.

“The best thing you can do if you want to fully learn a language is to go out there and speak it every day,” she said.

“Nothing has been finalised for the gap year, but the current plan is to get some work as an au pair in both countries – Germany for the most part as I’m looking to improve my skills in that language the most.

“I’m happy with these results and like Aoife I was surprised to get an A* in chemistry.

“I would like to thank my parents and teachers for their support, especially the languages department as their support for me was more than just focusing on passing the exams.”

Olly Jennings, who lives in Darras Hall, received As for all three of his subjects – economics, maths and performing arts.

He said: “Economics was a new course and the exams were difficult, so I definitely exceeded my expectations for that subject.

“I’ve enjoyed my time at the school and I would like to thank my teachers, in particular head of performing arts Phil Noble as he has provided great support to me and many other students.”

A degree in accounting and finance at Newcastle University awaits, with Olly saying he has always been interested in the maths side of things and that subject was very appealing to him.

“I’m looking forward to the independence that university brings and although it’s in Newcastle, I’m thinking of moving into halls.

“I’ve been involved in school productions and concerts as well as shows outside school, such as performing at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House as part of a charity concert, and I would like to continue performing arts at uni.

“I’ve spoken to former Pont High students now at Newcastle Uni and they have got in touch with the societies I’m interested in to put my name forward.”

The other students achieving top grades included the following:

Dominic Burrin, Ewan Cassidy and Sophie Wainwright (three A*s); David Ross (two A*s and one A); Michael Bronswyk (one A* and two As); Faye Walker (one A*, one A and one B); Rachel Cripwell (one A* and one A); Alex Iley (four As); May Blair (three As and one A at AS-level); Millie Cassidy and Will Herford (three As); Maria Higgins (two As and two Bs); Haneen Amer, Rebecca Curry, Joe English, Rebecca Harrison and David Johnson (two As and one B); Robbie Fisher (one A, one Distinction* and one B), Charles Pope (two As); Tom Bartholomew, Lauren Hodgson, Josh Riddell and Tamsin Wright (one A and two Bs); Georgia Weller (one Distinction* and two Bs).