A matter of urgency

COUNCIL leaders have vowed to look into problems with pedestrian crossing lights as a matter of urgency.

Several complaints were made about the lights in Bridge Street taking too long to allow people to cross since the new Telford Bridge traffic signals were introduced.

And resident Frank Rescigno said it is causing particular problems for disabled people. “My wife uses a guide dog and it is extremely difficult for her getting across the traffic lights,” he said.

“Before, it would be maybe a minute or two after pressing the button prior to the beep so she could go across. Until recently there wasn’t even a beep. That is in now, but the problem is the lights aren’t synchronised and anyone with a wheelchair or a guide dog can’t get across even when the pedestrian lights let them because the traffic is built up, blocking the crossing.

“That should be improved rather quickly. Guide dogs are trained not to go across areas of obstruction so if nobody comes to help, my wife is stuck at the crossing. She can’t go across the street unless she gets someone to assist her.”

Others complained that people are taking their life in their hands as they get fed up with waiting for the lights to change and cross between traffic. Denise Short said: “People are risking their lives at that crossing. They think there is nothing coming and just go. It is an accident waiting to happen and you will have their blood on your hands.”

Another man raised a number of concerns about the signals, saying: “St George’s corner is an absolute nightmare, someone is going to get killed there. That is the priority, road safety above all,” he said.

Coun Andrew Tebbutt promised to look into the issues with officers.