A passage to India inspires new range

A Northumberland interiors business has expanded its range after being inspired by its latest passage to India.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 03 May, 2016, 12:31
The ibbi team inspect items made by a group of female craftspeople during a recent trip to India.

The three women in charge of Capheaton firm Ibbi have now returned to the UK after a buying tour taking in some of the subcontinent’s most historic cities and remote villages.

Claire McAlpine, Anna Kirkup and Eliza Browne-Swinburne specialise in sourcing hand-crafted textiles, ceramics, furniture and unique found objects from artisans, co-operatives and small-scale businesses all over the world.

They set up Ibbi three years ago after going on a charity trip to India.

Believing that trade is the best form of aid, they decided to support traditional craft skills, working with organisations including Fair Trade Forum India in Calcutta to offer otherwise-unobtainable household objects and textiles for sale internationally via its website.

“It was a trip to India that inspired the business, but this time we went even further afield to source the most colourful, eclectic, interesting homewares we could find,” said Eliza.

“We firmly believe in supporting and preserving traditional crafts,” said Claire.

“By buying from artisans in Jaipur, for example, a city famed for the quality of its textiles, we can help support master craftsmen within rural villages on one hand and bring practical, beautiful and affordable pieces to the market on the other.”

For further details, call 01830 530433 or visit www.ibbidirect.co.uk