A record attendance to a traditional event

The bale maze proved very popular.
The bale maze proved very popular.

This year’s Whalton Village Show produced a record attendance for the event.

The decent weather helped to attract hundreds of people to the area to enjoy various activities, including the return of sheep racing.

One of the entries of dahlias for this year's Whalton Village Show.

One of the entries of dahlias for this year's Whalton Village Show.

And there was also an increase in the number of entries for the traditional show classes.

Among the main attractions was a fully costumed display of stunt jousting by Les Amis d’Onno’s Knights of the North, performances by the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir and KEVI Steel Band, and a special circus.

Those who came along also enjoyed a dog show, a harvest display, trade stands, classic cars and a mobile petting farm from Animals About Town and the new bale maze feature proved very popular, as did the book fair.

Stephen Trobe took on the role of show chairman this year, with support provided by his sister Caroline Watson.

He said: “It was a great day all round and we’re delighted to have achieved a record attendance.

“There were decent crowds for all the performances, the sheep racing was back by popular demand and the children loved the bale maze. We also added a tea tent this year, which did very well.

“Whalton Village Show took place during Red Tractor Week and we were delighted to host the Red Tractor at the show.

“David Robson, the local representative for Red Tractor, was present to tell visitors about the scheme, which supports British farmers by promoting home-grown British produce.

“If the weather is not right, it’s hard work, so thankfully we had a really nice day.

“It has been a useful learning curve for me and the others who have taken on organising responsibilities and there are things that we will take on board for next year.

“I would like to thank all those who attended and everyone on the committee for their efforts.”

The show classes took place in the village hall and organiser Sue Richardson said it was the best in years – entries were up across the board and they were of a very high standard.



Three potatoes: 1 and 2 A Thompson, 3 S & K Richardson. Three tomatoes: 1 I Bruce, 2 R McKay, 3 I Bruce. One leek: 1 B Thompson. Four runner beans: 1 B Thompson, 2 S Sutton, 3 R McKay. One vegetable marrow: 1 and 2 E Cookson, 3 R McKay. One vegetable and one cut flower: 1, 2 and 3 S & K Richardson. One group of three different vegetables: 1 S & K Richardson, 2 B Thompson, 3 S & K Richardson. Three onion sets (dressed): 1 and 2 R McKay. Three onions from seed (dressed): 1 M Bradbeer. Three home produced eggs: 1 T Grix, 2 A Thompson, 3 L Robinson. One cucumber: 1 B Thompson, 2 S & K Richardson, 3 M Bradbeer. One bowl of rooted salad leaves: 1 S & K Richardson. One sweet pepper: 1 S & K Richardson, 2 P Charlton, 3 S & K Richardson. Three chilli peppers: 1 N Robson. Three cooking apples: 1 and 2 B Thompson, 3 J Reynolds. Three eating apples: 1 L Lofthouse, 2 A Sumner, 3 M Roe. Six plums: 1 M Roe, 2 S Lough.


Three stems of pinks: 1 S & K Richardson, 2 P Grix, 3 B Thompson. Three roses: 2 A Sill, 3 J Strachan. Three pom pom dahlias: 1 N Robson. Three rudbeckias: 1 and 2 S & K Richardson, 3 S Lough. Three asters: 1 S & K Richardson, 2 and 3 B Thompson. Three dahlias, cactus and semi cactus: 1 and 2 P Charlton, 3 L Hawley. Three dahlias (decorative): 1, 2 and 3 P Charlton. Single dahlia: 1 P Charlton, 2 J Lee, 3 R Lee. Single chrysanthemum: 1 and 2 S & K Richardson, 3 B Thompson. Single gladiolus: 1 P Charlton, 2 and 3 B Thompson. Vase of sweet peas (Sweet Pea Cup): 1 P Norton, 2 B Thompson, 3 M Davis. Small posy of red, white and blue flowers: 1 M Roe. Foliage arrangement: 1 M Roe. Vase of spray chrysanthemums: 1 and 2 B Thompson, 3 S & K Richardson. Vase of mixed garden flowers: 1 M Roe, 2 and 3 S & K Richardson. Coleus plant: 1 S & K Richardson, 2 P Grix, 3 B Thompson. Single sunflower: 1 and 2 B Thompson. House plant (flowering): 1, 2 and 3 I Bruce. House plant (foliage): 1 and 2 I Bruce, 3 M Roe. Fuchsia: 1 and 2 M Davis, 3 I Bruce. Vase of flowers from seeds, Joan Goddard Cup (Whalton Gardening Club only): 1 G Young, 2 A Sill, 3 S Richardson.


Fruit cake: 1 P Grix, 2 M Brodie, 3 K Fenwick. Lemon drizzle cake: 1 and 2 I Bruce, 3 W Johnson. Plain sandwich cake: 1 L Fenwick, 2 S Clark, 3 I Bruce. Gingerbread: 1 W Johnson, 2 M Bradbeer, 3 P Grix. Apple pie: 1 M Brodie, 2 L Lofthouse, 3 M Brodie. Six rock buns: 1 I Bruce, 2 P Grix, 3 I Bruce. A round of shortbread: 1 A Thompson, 2 W Johnson, 3 N Robson. Six cheese scones: 1, 2 and 3 I Bruce. Six breadbuns: 1 M McGowan, 2 and 3 N Robson. Six girdle scones: 1 and 2 E Dolan, 3 M Brodie. Savoury quiche: 1 N Robson, 2 M Brodie, 3 L Lofthouse. Jar of chutney: 1, 2 and 3 E. H. Hogg. Jar of marmalade: 1, 2 and 3 E. H. Hogg. Jar of raspberry jam: 1 and 2 A Thompson, 3 H Roe. A birthday cake fit for the Queen: 1 and 2 K Fenwick, 3 M Brodie.

Perpetual Whalton Maple Bowl for most points in class: I Bruce.


Landscape/seascape: 1 A Cooke, 2 K Thompson, 3 L Fenwick. Live subject: 1 R Sill, 2 J Morris, 3 K Thompson. My pet (children only): 1 A Cooke, 2 J Lee, 3 C Schogler.

Arts and crafts

Any knitted or crocheted item: 1 A Robinson, 2 V Kinninment, 3 M Brodie. Any home sewn garment: 1 A Whitingham, 2 A Lloyd. Any original painting: 1 M Cox, 2 F Murray, 3 S Sutton. Hand crafted item of woodwork: 1 and 2 A Kinninment, 3 B Thompson. Home-made birthday card: 1 and 2 A Lough, 3 J Lee.

Children’s classes

Miniature garden fit for a Queen: 1 E Campbell, 2 B McGowan, 3 A Campbell. Gingerbread athlete: 1 H Johnson, 2 E Campbell, 3 B McGowan. Decorated egg of king or queen: 1 E Campbell, 2 A Campbell, 3 J Lee. Olympic medal: 1 E Campbell, 2 A Rainbow, 3 A Pratt. Red, white and blue floral arrangement: 1 A Campbell, 2 E Campbell. Book cover design: 1 F Bell, 2 D Rushmer, 3 J Lee. Lego construction (up to nine): 1 E Campbell, 2 J Pitt, 3 L Cadamy. Lego construction (10 to 16): 1 and 2 H Morris. Square hay bale: 1 T Grix.

£5 voucher to boy and girl with most points in this section went to Ethan Campbell and Henrietta Johnson.