ACCIDENTS: It's not just about speed

Are all the campaigners photographed on front page vehicle drivers themselves, (Morpeth Herald, May 5)?

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 12 May, 2016, 08:35

Why is “speed” always blamed as being the cause of accidents when lack of driver concentration is more often the fault?

On Pottery Bank a number of vehicles have failed to take the right hand bend.

I venture to suggest that there are a number of factors other than drivers knowingly breaking the 30mph limit.

One being the restriction signs are too far north. By the time drivers have reached the top of the bank on the good wide open road, they can so easily have forgotten that they are approaching a ‘built-up area’ and still have top or overdrive gear engaged, which prevents engine braking, or are driving a car with automatic transmission so have to brake excessively.

Furthermore, the driver should be mindful of vehicles, especially HGVs, coming in the opposite direction at speed to increase momentum to aid climbing the bank, and could well be slightly over the centre of the road, which, contrary to common belief, is not an offence.

Would it not be advisable for the occupants whose homes are at risk to apply to the county council for planning permission to have their own crash barriers erected?

To have those erected may be more cost effective because until it becomes law for proof of third party insurance cover to be displayed on every vehicle, so many are being driven whilst uninsured.

And are there not better ways to be heard effectively than just shouting?

Norman Bateman

Low Espley