Action is stepped up on drink driving

Drivers are being warned to think before they drink.

Since December 1, police have been stepping up activity to catch motorists driving over the legal alcohol limit.

All those involved in crashes are being breath-tested, as well as those who have committed a road offence, such as speeding, and people suspected of drink driving.

Between 2009 and 2013, 1,573 people were injured in collisions where alcohol was a factor, and 26 people were killed.

Motorists are also being advised about the dangers of driving the morning after the night before as they still could be over the limit.

Anyone caught drink driving could be banned from the road for at least 12 months, fined up to £5,000 or spend Christmas behind bars.

Motor Patrols Chief Inspector John Heckels said: “The feeling of being at fault for someone’s death because you were drunk at the wheel will last longer than any jail sentence.”

To report suspected drink driving call 101, or 999 in an emergency.